Commercial Floor Care

Professional floor care service you can stand on.

Don’t Settle for Less When It Comes to Floor Care

Floor care is often overlooked but incredibly important when it comes to health concerns, professional appearance, and long-lasting value. Let Jantize care for your floor, and give your business protection you can stand on.

Jantize’s floor care is customized according to your specific flooring type: tile, concrete, and carpet. Each requires its own specialized floor care solution for the perfect clean that’ll leave tiles sparkling and carpets soft.

Tell us what type of floor you need cleaned and we’ll outline our service so you know exactly what you’re getting. That’s the Jantize way.

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Floor Care Catered to You

  • Exceptional Carpet Care

    Our floor care for carpets doesn’t leave it just at vacuuming. We shampoo and condition your carpets to leave them dirt-free and soft, with a bounce you can feel beneath your feet. Try it in your office or home for a clean you can feel.

  • Tile Floor Care

    Tile and stone flooring require not only sweeping and mopping but buffing, stripping, and waxing as well. Keep your tiles in the best of shape with Jantize’s unique tile and stone floor care that’ll leave your floor looking branding new.

  • Concrete Floor Care

    Concrete flooring is common among many industrial businesses and even offices. Ensure it’s cared for properly with our specialized concrete floor care service that strips, waxes, and buffs your concrete floors to prevent damage and keep them looking great.

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